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Tech Updates

People who learn more will succeed.

Sir Frances Bacon — English scientist, philosopher, and author of the 17th century— is famously quoted for the old adage, “knowledge is power.” Hales Technologies and our family of companies couldn’t agree more. We strive to provide our clients the knowledge they need to succeed.

While the IT landscape is relatively new in terms of the time since Sir Francis’ life, his idea holds true. What is the point of having super computers in our pockets and more technology than ever before if we don’t use it to its fullest?

We have compiled some of the biggest releases in the last two weeks for you, our clients, readers, and friends.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is famous for quick updates and lots of tech releases. In just the last two weeks, they’ve released over 30 updates, new features, and more. Here are the highlights:


VMware recently released vSan 6.6. Already the leader in HCI software, 6.6 boasts "first native HCI security, highly available stretched clusters, and 50% higher all-flash performance for business-critical and next-generation workloads." To read more about the new features, click here.

Dell EMC

Dell EMC held their annual conference, Dell EMC World, May 8th and 9th, with speakers such as Michael Dell, David Goulden, Jeremy Burton and Pat Gelsinger. Watch the conference replays here.

Dell EMC also announced the next generation of PowerEdge Servers. See the updates here.

As the technology world progresses and updates, we encourage you to keep up with it. Comment below with the updates you've implemented lately.

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