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Mission Statement: Courseware development, training and consulting...Anyone can be good at one of them, we're great at them all. Our goal is to help our customers solve their problems according to their needs without advocating a canned solution.


John Hales — CEO

Carin Hales — CFO

Brian Eiler — Chief Learning Architect

Lori Aldrich — VP of Content Development

Meet the Executives


John Hales — CEO

John is the president of Hales Technologies, Inc. and has been since its formal inception in 2001. In his role as CEO, he drives the strategic direction for the company, procures business and advances the company's vision by delivering quality training and consulting on common business technologies.


John has years of experience as a courseware designer, technical editor, instructor, and computer consultant and has been working in the IT industry for more than 25 years. He is certified in many areas and has taught, developed courses for, and consulted on many of these technologies, both for individual end users and for customized, internal training for Fortune 500 companies. He has taught in North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia and has met with success in each location.


In addition to his work for Hales Technologies, he is a founding partner of The Courseware Group and donates his time teaching classes to people on how to start and run a small business.


He can be reached via phone at +1 (954) 309-0137.

Carin Hales — CFO

Carin is a founding member of Hales Technologies. She is responsible for all billing and payments. She believes in the highest standards of ethical behavior and works with vendors, suppliers, and contractors to make sure that all bills are paid in a timely manner. In this role, she is in charge of all financial activities including strategic planning, accounting and reporting, customer relationship management, tax, and treasury functions.

In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and traveling.


Whether at home or abroad, in the field or in the classroom, Brian will captivate your audience with his extensive background in IT datacenter management. As an accomplished mentor, author, trainer, and consultant, Brian engages his audiences with his lively examples of real-world experiences—both good and bad—helping people understand not only what to do, but also what not to do. In his bag of tricks, Brian relates his experience with servers, storage, networking, and security products to help the audience understand the bigger picture while learning about the deeper technical details.


Brian has taken his classroom and field experience to the press by authoring a number of publications, training courses, and certification exams for corporations, including work on the VMware Certified Associate (VCA) program and the early Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) programs. He most recently co-authored a custom training course on Software Defined Networking (SDN) for a Fortune 500 company.


In addition to publishing and courseware design, Brian has put his voice to work as a voice-over artist for several Fortune 500 companies. He created and produced a video Jumpstart series with VMware Press and has produced a number of other videos for corporate training and demonstration events.


Brian’s technical background includes almost 20 years of implementing, teaching, and writing about products from VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, IBM, HP, EMC, Dell, and Cisco. He holds a number of high value certifications including VMware’s highest instructor credential (VCI-Level 2) and two of their most advanced design and implementation credentials: VCAP-DCD and VCAP-DCA.


Some areas of special interest are VMware Virtualization, IBM/HP/Dell Servers, IBM/EMC/Dell Storage, HP/Cisco Networking and Security products.


Brian currently holds an active security clearance with the US Department of Defense.


Brian is a Principal at DataSpar, LLC. and a member of The Courseware Group. He can be reached via phone at +1-260-417-9698.

Lori Aldrich — VP of Content Development

Lori Aldrich has had a love of words from a young age. She has turned this love of words into a career reading, correcting, and polishing others' writing. She has worked on both small and large projects. She has led editing teams and trained the editors on the software, acceptable styles for the project, and documenting their work. She is involved with both copy, style, and video editing.


Lori gained an appreciation for art two decades ago while dating her husband Wayne. At that time he was an artist and a columnist. Lori would accompany him to art exhibits and museums learning various styles of art. 


Lori subsequently acquired skills in a variety of creative outlets, including PowerPoint, Storyline, Photoshop, and Camtasia. In the courseware that Lori has helped develop, she has created graphics and tables, used SmartArt effectively, designed page layouts, choreagraphed animations, and combined audio and visual in Camtasia.


Lori has the ability to create intricate animations in concert with graphics to illustrate complex concepts in a simple way. She believes that using animations to make abstract concepts concrete is an effective way to make the concept more memorable and assist the learning process of the student.


She believes that smooth video production will help the learner focus on the topic at hand and not on flaws in the production.


Lori loves creating and has used her skills on courseware that has been delivered throughout the world.


In addition to her work for Hales Technologies, she is a founding partner of The Courseware Group.


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